Time for A Change: Deciding When to Redesign Your Logo

By: Andrea Serie

You’re preparing to launch a new business. You have a logo from FIVERR, a landing page your friend developed as a favor and you started pitching. Slowly your business gains traction and you become profitable. Fast forward five years, your side-hustle enabled you to retire from your full-time job and you have a real business. You look at that FIVERR logo and it no longer represents your business values and mission. It lacks the sophistication you want to project to the world. But this is the logo clients know and recognize. Many sophomore entrepreneurs debate: When is the right time to redesign your logo?

Reviving Your Brand: Letting Go of the Outdated

If your logo and branding materials have not been refreshed in a while, they may appear out of touch with current design trends. This can make clients think your work will be antiquated as well. A refresh can help your image and make your brand more relevant to today’s consumers. The new logo can stay true to your original mark, but simply with a more modern approach. Founders and clients alike can feel loyalty to a brand identity, so an updated spin may be all that is required.

Embrace Evolution: Your Businesses Is Growing

Your logo creates the first impression with clients. As your business develops, it’s important to make sure that your logo reflects the current principles, purpose and direction of the company. A redesign can help align your logo with your current goals and target audience.

Embarking on a Brand Transformation

If your company is undergoing a rebrand, your logo is the primary asset to revamp first. It will set the tone for the entire process, establishing the new look and feel of your business. The color, typeface and shape will bring to life the current messaging of your brand. The logo style should be carried through all elements of design to craft a unified brand experience, serving as the cornerstone of your brand guidelines.

Venturing into New Horizons: Expanding into Fresh Markets

When your business is expanding into new geographic regions or focusing on a different customer demographic, considering how your logo resonates with these audiences should be an integral aspect of your broader strategic planning. A reimagination can ensure that your logo connects with a wider range of population segments and sets your company apart from existing competition in the space.

The Art of Careful Planning

So you’ve decided it’s the perfect moment for a rebrand, careful planning is necessary before starting the creative process. Reconsidering your logo requires dedication of time and money. Before you begin, set aside time with your management team to reflect about the common beliefs of your businesses today and what is the future forward image you strive to project. While you want to maintain authenticity and leverage the qualities your clients love, it’s also essential to anticipate the future to ensure your logo has longevity. As part of the planning process, conduct a competitor analysis. Evaluate what’s working for other businesses in your market; where is the opening for your brand to separate itself from the rest; and what are your key differentiators.

Unveiling Exciting News

You’ve completed your research, went through the multiple rounds of revisions and have a new logo ready to launch. Be sure to acknowledge the change with your clients. To help the transition, create a proper announcement about the introduction of the new logo to share across channels, including social, email, web and press. Celebrate the history of your company and highlight how your original brand cultivated your customer relationships. Be honest about what prompted the desire to redefine your logo. Clients can sense when you aren’t being true to who you are as a company.

So as you reflect on timing for your redesign, remember when executed properly a rebrand can help ensure that your logo is relevant, memorable, and effective in driving business success.

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