Backstreets Back Again, This Time with iGoHD

In a joint venture DoubleDown.Digital launches iGoHD beta event with The Backstreet Boys, A Celebration of 20 Years.

Considered the best-selling boy band in history the Backstreet Boys are one of the world’s best-selling music artists with over 130 million records sold worldwide. For two decades, they’ve been driving fan girls wild with their swooning harmonies and heart-pounding dance moves.

In April, the Boys were honored with a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Just days before this major milestone in their career, on April 20, fans packed The Fonda Theater in Hollywood with hopes of having the chance to get up close and personal with the Backstreet Boys.

Much to the delight of those fans that couldn’t be in Hollywood, iGoHD enabled fans to experience the event live around the world by bringing every moment to adoring Backstreet fans in full HD. Those who purchased access to this exclusive event on iGoHD were able to ask the boys questions, chat with other fans, monitor all social activity relative to the event, and even buy the same souvenirs that were on sale in the venue.

The guys fielded questions from those in the crowd and online, told their stories of their favorite BSB moments and also premiered eight fantastic clips from their ninth studio album that will be released this summer and even shared a segment from their upcoming documentary.

Fans tuned-in from 99 countries to enjoy the celebration with other diehards such as themselves, and shared every minute of excitement with their personal social network of choice (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) creating a social footprint that reached millions.
Just a few of the tweets included:

“Thanks to @JoJoWright for making the ceremony happened to us as well live on @iGoHD on Saturday ! Amazing to be part of it from Switzerland!”

“@backstreetboys @iGoHD you don’t know how happy you made me! I was part of the #BSB20 celebration & it’s more than I could have asked for”

“I usually am asleep early but tonight I’m wired. I think it is from watching @backstreetboys stream on @iGoHD makes me excited for the tour!”

20 years & the @backstreetboys still got it going on! Had a blast watching you guys live at @iGoHD ! Happy 20th! Love from KUWAIT! ♡ #BSB20

Allowing so many fans of all ages, types and backgrounds to come together and interact personally with their musical heroes made many dreams come true.

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