Double Down Ventures Announces the Launch of Big League Pillows

Personalized Sports Jersey Pillows Aiming to Inspire Those to Hold onto Their Dreams!

NEW YORK (MARCH 14, 2018) – Double Down Ventures announces the launch of Big League Pillows, personalize-able sports jersey pillows that are an inspirational symbol for people of all ages to envision and “hold” onto their dreams.  A functional reminder to set and work toward goals, the pillow represents hard work, passion and fun for sports fans.

Customizable features via include choice of 5 different sports themes, team styles, colors, city and featured name.  The pillow can have your name or the name of your hometown on the front or back. The personalized pillow will arrive in its very own “locker” box, also included is a motivational draft letter to add to the excitement for your littlest or biggest fan!

“Big League Pillows are a unique way to encourage your child to pursue their dreams, whether they want to be a pro athlete, a teacher, or a doctor“ said Founder, Adam Alson.  “Fostering encouragement during a child’s development is absolutely essential and we proudly believe Big League Pillows creates an inspirational experience no child will ever forget.”

Your MVP (Most Valuable Pillow) awaits! Visit and draft your rookie to dream big!



  • 100% Premium Polyester Fill
  • 100% Soft Velvet Polyester Cover
  • Made in USA in a family-run facility
  • Washable
  • Size: 16’Tall
  • Weight: 12 oz
  • Price: $38.99
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