DoubleDown.Digital Develops The Village Website for New Waterfront Destination

DoubleDown.Digital launches The Village website,, creating the web presence for the new waterfront destination in Stamford, CT. Home to a public marina, private event venues, exclusive food & beverage options and modern office spaces, The Village is a unique space for creators, entrepreneurs, and artisans.

The imagery of the campus is the focal point throughout the website, which utilizes a clean black and white aesthetic as a subtle backdrop. Details about dining, amenities, and upcoming events are easy to navigate for visitors and locals alike. With an engaging blog featuring updates about art installations and pop-ups, and frequent press listings, the curious onlooker will surely be enticed to visit the new community space just north of New York.

“The Village is an innovative and extraordinary space,” said DoubleDown.Digital Founder, Adam Alson. “So we strived to create a digital footprint which celebrated the beauty of this new community.”

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