DoubleDown.Digital Launches

DoubleDown.Digital was thrilled to recently develop, the digital home of E11EVEN Vodka, the newest addition to the E11EVEN brand.

E11EVEN represents adventure, luxury, and the excitement of a sophisticated life. E11EVEN Miami, an award-winning super club featuring a rooftop restaurant, hookah lounge, private VIP rooms, and state of the art sound and lighting, is a true one-of-a-kind experience embodying the very essence of the brand. Now, E11EVEN Vodka allows you to bring the boldness of the club experience beyond its four walls into your personal party. This new premium spirit can be found at finer Miami liquor retailers and, of course, E11EVEN Miami.

The site truly presents the taste of the Miami spirit, with a sleek and fun look in its signature colors of turquoise and black. Showcasing a variety of cocktails with E11EVEN Vodka, created by top Miami mixologists, you’ll certainly want E11EVEN Vodka to shake (or stir) up your next event.

“Since I met Adam and started working on this project, we quickly realized the DoubleDown.Digital team will be a long term partnership,” said Eddie Franco, Director of Marketing, 11USA GROUP. “The team has shown us their professionalism, personalized experience, and have proven their skills and abilities. We’re looking forward to working with Adam on additional projects already in the pipeline as we continue to build on the E11EVEN brand.”

“We’re beyond excited to work with the E11EVEN brand as it continues to captivate celebrities and tastemakers from around the world,” said Adam Alson, founder of DoubleDown.Digital. “The E11EVEN Vodka website is just a ‘sip’ of what’s to come and we can’t wait to continue to rollout new and innovative digital marketing initiatives with our partners at E11EVEN USA.”

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