DoubleDown.Digital Premieres the New Site for Community Health Acceleration Partnership

Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP) recently entrusted DoubleDown.Digital to establish their digital footprint with a new website,

Through strategic engagement and catalytic investments, CHAP collaborates with partners to build stronger community-health systems, both globally and in the United States. During this pivotal time in fighting the pandemic, CHAP is working to protect frontline health workers and making recommendations for global policy action.

Therefore it is vitally important, now more than ever, for CHAP to have a web presence to educate and inform visitors about their mission and purpose. With an easy to navigate format and plethora of information about their programs and research, the site is a vast resource, listing blog posts, events, and podcasts.

“When the Community Health Acceleration Partnership (CHAP) looked to establish our public presence, we sought a designer with the sophisticated vision to capture the diversity of our mission-driven organization,” said Tim Castano, Executive Director of CHAP. “We could not have selected a more perfect partner than DoubleDown. The team possessed the talent and experience to build an engaging platform that conveys the breadth of our work with clarity and style.”

“It was fascinating to partner with CHAP during this critical time in history, as they broaden the reach of their commitment to sustainable health systems,” said Adam Alson, Founder of DoubleDown.Digital. “As we continue to expand the industries we digitally support, we were particularly inspired by their passion and dev option to their cause.”

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