Experiential Marketing Added to DoubleDown.Digital’s Suite of Services

DoubleDown.Digital expanded their suite of services to now include experiential marketing. Offering out-of-the-box strategies for tradeshows, events and pop-ups, DDD will create unique experiences to elevate your brand. Whether it is a guerilla marketing campaign or serving as a booking agent, we seek the strongest opportunities to position your brand.

Our team will partner with you to develop concept and design; and oversee execution and activation leading to deeper brand loyalty. Our programs seek to nurture genuine emotion and orchestrate true Wow moments sparking sincere curiosity about your brand story.

Utilizing tools such as social listening, dedicated event apps and attendee amplification, we are skilled at the careful integration of the online and offline consumer experience. As the line begins to blur between real life and digital moments with augmented reality at events, our digital expertise positions us to best serve our clients in this new realm of services.

DDD recently hosted an art exhibit in Tribeca for Russell Powell of Pangaean Studios, a client within our management division. It was an unforgettable experience of cocktails, conversation, art and augmented reality. During this rare east coast showing new collaborative and solo works were unveiled. The gallery was so impressed with the show they extended the event to last throughout the week.

“Cultivating experiences for consumers to connect to a brand in an interactive one-on-one environment ultimately curates shareable content and we know what people are interested in seeing pop up on their social feed,” said Adam Alson, DDD Founder. “Experiential is the natural next step of growth for our agency and we are excited to offer our clients a broader level of strategy.”


DoubleDown.Digital is a digital marketing and innovation incubation firm, servicing world-renowned athletes, entertainers, brands and startups. To learn more about how DoubleDown.Digital can help increase your company’s digital footprint — both on social media and through original content creation — please contact us.

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