FORBES: NFL Superstar Dez Bryant Launches Apparel And Lifestyle Brand, ‘ThrowUpTheX’

By Mark J. Burns

What does NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant have in common with the likes of Johnny Manziel, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook? All three professional athletes have recently been seen throwing up Bryant’s signature end zone celebration.

Now, the end zone celebration — labeled ‘ThrowUpTheX’ — will be more than just that for Bryant. It will be the official name of his brand, which launched on its own unique website Thursday morning at 8:08am CST.

According to Ryan Totka, President of Athlete Promotions, Bryant’s celebration has gained significant traction online and through social media, especially on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with fans utilizing the #ThrowUpTheX hashtag when they score a “touchdown” in their everyday lives.

“On social media, you’ll have a lot of people who ‘ThrowUpTheX’ when they graduate, score an ‘A’ on their test or maybe if they get into the military,” added Totka, who handles Bryant’s online marketing and brand management. “It’s not just for football.”

With the help of Adam Alson, Founder of DoubleDown.Digital and the creative mind behind logos for other prominent star athletes, Bryant’s brand, logo and product line has come to fruition after almost a year of planning. In partnership with Official Brands, Bryant will offer fans a full line of apparel including men’s and women’s clothing, head wear and other accessories.

The Lufkin, Texas native recently came off his first Pro Bowl season where caught 93 receptions for 1,200-plus yards and 13 touchdowns. As a result, Totka believed that now was the ideal time for Bryant to launch ‘ThrowUpTheX’ as the 2014 season begins next week.

“He’s the guy for the Cowboys this year,” Totka said. “He had his first Pro Bowl season last year, and it’s all coming together at this point for him. …I’m sure he’ll be a top-three wide receiver this year when it comes down to it.”

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Source: Forbes

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