How do you want to have an impact or influence on our youth?

Alson: Whether a child wants to be a pro athlete, a teacher or a doctor, we want them to understand with hard work and passion you can attain all of your goals. We hope Big League Pillows can serve as an aspirational symbol of dedication and discipline and of course fun.

Did you have a toy that had a special influence on your life?

Alson: Like most children, the toys I played with certainly had a profound and influential impact on my life and career. Some toys came with backstories that we’re provided to me via classic 80’s “Saturday Morning Cartoons,” which were great and inspired me creatively. Others were nameless orphaned stuffed animals, action figures, vehicles and robots I had to create my own names and origin stories for, which really allowed me to unlock my imagination. So for me, it’s the unsung heroes of my toy box I personally hold in my highest regard.

What was the inspiration behind BLP?

Alson: Oddly enough, “inspiration” was the inspiration for Big League Pillows! I believe over the past half decade we’ve gone through a “motivational” and “inspirational” renaissance. We don’t have to scroll more than a post or two in our own personal social feeds to see that one of our friends or family members had just posted a motivational quote. I thought, why wait so long to condition ourselves with motivational messaging? Why not share the messages of inspiration and dreaming big with our children at early ages in a fun way that creates a very memorable life moment for both parent and child?