Adam Alson speaks to NG Data about video marketing strategies that generate results

Adam Alson is the founder of DoubleDown.Digital, a 360 degree digital marketing agency. His agency supports prominent athletes, entertainers, brands, and startups. Adam has spent 20 years working on the digital footprint for renowned names including the NBA’s New Jersey Nets, Muhammad Ali, Vince Carter, The Jonas Brothers, Cedric the Entertainer, among others.

“We recommend a raw, not-overly-edited or produced feeling video…”

In the age of Snapchat and Instagram stories, people want to feel as if what they are watching was casually shot on an iPhone. Any video that feels overly produced or scripted is viewed as being not authentic and does not resonate with today’s viewers. The video can be as simple as someone speaking into the camera with music in the background. This technique has proven effective because it allows a connection with the viewer. Today’s social media users want brands to make them feel special and by having a video that feels personal, it creates a deeper relationship with the brand.

To gain more mileage from events or photo shoots, we recommend releasing a behind-the-scenes video and Instagram stories. This gives additional mileage to the time and money spent on the event/photo shoot, and allows the viewer to feel a part of the process, like they are getting an inside view of the experience.

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Author: Angela Stringfellow

Run Date: October 30, 2017

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