SUPROBoard Turns to DoubleDown to Develop Their Website for Water Sports Boards

SUPROBoard USA turned to DoubleDown.Digital to create a website reflective of the tenets of their company- a passion for outdoor sports and lovers of the open sea. SUPROBoard offers a product line of inflatable boards that can be used for windsurfing, paddleboarding and surfing.

The color palette of the site is black, white and gray with pops of yellow as a nod to nature-loving visitors of the site.  The About Us tab features an adventure inspiring video showcasing the boards against a variety of stunning natural backdrops.  Viewers can see the multiple uses of the boards, with an enthusiast even doing yoga on the board on calm lake. Boards can be used by people of all ages and sizes, so families can enjoy their water activities together.

“SUPROBoards is well-timed with their product launch, as people are traveling again and continuing to spend more time participating in outdoor activities,” said Adam Alson, Founder of DoubleDown.Digital.  “Our team loves helping to bring products to market that promote healthy lifestyle options.”

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